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IBEEF - Indiana Beef Evaluation and Economics Feeding Program IBEEF is a steer and heifer feedout program that provides Indiana producers with a way to place cattle on feed and gather performance, carcass, and economic information to make genetic and management improvements in their herd. Cooperators receive individual and group feedlot performance, feedlot costs, and individual and group carcass information, including quality and yield grade, ribeye area, fat thickness, carcass weight, etc. IBEEF also allows producers to compare sires, as well as evaluate alternative marketing strategies and their impact upon profitability. The program also helps to improve the reputation of producer cattle by establishing a database of feedlot performance and carcass merit on their calves. Visit Site for More

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by Workinonit Farm (Posted Fri, 24 Nov 2017 10:15:27 GMT+5)
kenny thomas wrote:I'm not fackbooking either and have no plans to start. I would make an azz of myself by telling others what an azz they are.

Is Sky alright?
by slick4591 (Posted Fri, 24 Nov 2017 10:14:54 GMT+5)
I hate that for you, Sky. Prayers of comfort for you and yours.

Computer Screen Issue
by slick4591 (Posted Fri, 24 Nov 2017 10:05:47 GMT+5)
If a reboot doesn't work I usually replace it. Fortunately, I've had good luck with monitors.

Which Soil Sample?
by slick4591 (Posted Fri, 24 Nov 2017 09:59:46 GMT+5)
Thanks Kenny. I've taken 16 samples from the 6 acre plot that I want to improve first.

Linebreeding Info
by cotton1 (Posted Fri, 24 Nov 2017 09:44:17 GMT+5)
Its been a while Nesi. Im currently still fighting the soybean harvest on my farm. When that is over, I look forward to being on line more. I plan to check out the link you posted about the dogs. Also have a couple father/daughter matings coming in December so that should be interesting to watch.


Thanksgiving Proclamation
by TexasBred (Posted Fri, 24 Nov 2017 09:40:17 GMT+5)
It's common knowledge that in 1621 the first Thanksgiving was celebrated at Plymouth.

But some say the ?real? first Thanksgiving took place more than 20 years earlier near present-day El Paso, when at least 400 Spaniards, in an exploration led by Juan de Oñate, feasted with the Mansos tribe.

Like any good Thanksgiving discussion, there?s a thread of discord sown through that narrative. While everyone recognizes its importance in the history of North America, some argue that, unlike the feast at Plymouth, it?s not a harvest festival.

The seeds of Oñate?s expedition were planted a few years before the feast. Oñate was born into wealth and plied his trade for years as a silver miner near his hometown of Zacatecas throughout his 20s, meanwhile helping establish smaller missions in the area. Because of his experience as both a prospector and, as he saw it, a capable amateur conquistador, he began petitioning the King Philip II for permission to explore, Catholicize and colonize Nuevo Mexico.

Capt. Gaspar Pérez de Villagrá authored an in-depth account of Oñate's voyage.

After years of petitioning provincial governors, Oñate was granted his contract in 1595 and his party launched three years later in 1598, leaving with an estimate 400 to 500 people and around 7,000 head of cattle.

The 50-day journey across the Chihuahua Desert was unforgiving to the expedition. Their provisions ran out quickly and the desert provided little respite in the form of running water or rainfall. But, after five days without water, the party finally spotted the banks of the Rio Grande. Capt. Gaspar Pérez de Villagrá, who provided an extensive written record of the trek:

The gaunt horses approached the rolling stream and plunged headlong into it. Two of them drank so much that they burst their sides and died. Two others, blinded by their raving thirst, plunged so far into the stream that they were caught in its swift current and drowned. Our men? threw themselves into the water and drank as though the entire river did not carry enough to quench their terrible thirst. Then satisfied, they threw themselves upon the cool sands, like foul wretches stretched upon some tavern floor in a drunken orgy, deformed and swollen and more like toads than men.
Ten days later on April 30, 1598, Oñate decided to celebrate both the near scrape with death in the desert and the party?s arrival at San Elizario. However, the festivities also served to announce ?La Toma? ? an announcement that staked Spain?s claim on the Rio Grande and all its tributaries, marking the inauguration of Spain?s more than 200-year reign over what would become Texas and much of the southwest.

?We built a great bonfire and roasted the meat and fish, and then all sat down to a repast the like of which we had never enjoyed before,? Villagrá wrote. ?We were happy that our trials were over; as happy as were the passengers in the Ark when they saw the dove returning with the olive branch in his beak, bringing tidings that the deluge had subsided.?

Oñate extended the invitation to the nearby Mansos tribe and held a Mass that both commemorated La Toma and prayed for an end to the crippling drought that had affected the region.

While the feast didn?t completely incorporate all the trappings of a traditional Anglo, harvest-centric Thanksgiving celebrations, some argue it qualifies as the first because it?s a celebration between both European colonists and natives of the New World. Whether it is the ?real? first Thanksgiving is up for debate. Even those in San Elizario, which reenacts the festival every year, say the event has been overshadowed by its focus on Thanksgiving and hasn?t reconciled the importance of La Toma. Al Borrego, president of the San Elizario Genealogical and Historical Society, even referred to the event as ?Thanks-taking? in an El Paso Times article last year.

Still, that?s not even the only claim to the first Thanksgiving in Texas, according to the Texas Almanac. A historical marker outside of Canyon claimed Francisco Vázquez de Coronado celebrated the first Thanksgiving near the Palo Duro Canyon in 1541 ? though some debate whether that was a true Thanksgiving or a celebration of the Feast of the Ascension, which falls in the spring. And the first official Thanksgiving in Texas was declared by Gov. George Wood, setting the date for the first Thursday in December.

However, the feast on the Rio Grande does have a historical credit none of the other Texan Thanksgivings can boast. As the celebration concluded, one of Oñate?s captains, Marcos Farfán de los Godos, performed a play, which some say is the first written theatrical performance in the history of what is now the United States.

To this day, the Thanksgiving at San Elizario is the only one officially recognized by Texas. Both houses of the Legislature commemorated the event in 1990 with an honorary resolution and former Gov. Rick Perry marked the day as the official day of the first Thanksgiving, according to the Legislative Reference Library.

buying a set of corriente or longhorn cattle
by RanchMan90 (Posted Fri, 24 Nov 2017 09:37:58 GMT+5)
BRYANT wrote:What is there to catch on ???????????? your taking a cow that not real fleshy, Longhorn, breeding her to a bull that is real fleshy, Char. or what ever you choose, and making calves that will go to a feed lot and feed out good. I don't know about Corrientes most of them that I see is little pot licker cows but there Is some big Longhorn cows that will raise a big nice calf breed to the right bull. What are you hiding SPOTS and why do they dock you for them ? because they can and they will on other breeds as well and it all because they can, cause you don't eat the hide. Will a Simm. with white bring as much as one that's not, most places it will not, same cow and same bull raise an all black calf this year and one with chrome next year the same buyers will dock you cause they can. Its a racket they have between their selves. Same with eared cattle 1/4 eared steers will do great in a feed lot these sales that dock you its a racket and I wont sell there cause there is sales that eared cattle will do fine in.
I was at a sale a couple years back when they brought about 50 longhorn pairs in, Char. calves, unloaded the pairs split the calves off put the cows right back on the trailer and took them home. was not trying to hide anything they knew they had some good calves and did not need to hide anything. and was at a sale that has some buyers that will not dock you just because they can.

A few years back I seen a 106 head at another sale same deal good big cows and good calves nothing to hide.

I went by that pasture I said I would a few post back but all he had was the cows and bulls but no calves so I did not take any pictures. His cows are all what we would refer to as ''not real fleshy'' cattle like lots of longhorns, dairy cows, some Brahman cross, just cheap big frame cows with Char. bulls on them and I saw the calves they were nice and they were going to grow out to be big cattle.
there aint nothing to catch on to, they done did it and if they would not feed out they would not buy them all they are trying to do now is find another way to dock the producer for something that does not really matter any ways.
What area in Southeast Oklahoma?

Heat stress and preg testing
by TexasBred (Posted Fri, 24 Nov 2017 09:13:27 GMT+5)
Chocolate Cow wrote:I'm lost.....I have a group of 22 Angus yearling heifers that were pasture exposed from May 27 - July 27. We brought them home Saturday and I preg checked them Sunday. 6 were open. I took the bull to the vet yesterday and he tested good. Veterinarian stained the sample and checked for deads. Nothing. Testicles were good with no problems. The bull settled 16. He's a 4 year old and is only used on my heifers. Nothing got into the pasture nor did he go anywhere. These heifers have good BCS and were vaccinated in March with Bovi-Shield FP5 VL5. I took them to grass April 20 so they could acclimate from their winter feed to green grass. In 2016, I put 40 heifers with this bull and one more for 30 days and had 100% conception. Yesterday evening, 3 of these 6 heifers were in standing heat. grrrr

Only thing I can come up with is our summer was really hot & humid. I'm wondering if these opens are a result of embryo death from the heat. The pasture has 4 ponds and a well but no trees. They had salt, mineral, a protein tub, fly control. But I didn't sing to them

Any ideas would sure be appreciated.
Just a thought but are you always 100% right with your preg checking? I use to think I was pretty darn good until I missed one by 8.9 months.

Contest - 'Black + White'
by alisonb (Posted Fri, 24 Nov 2017 08:54:33 GMT+5)
My apologies for delay in posting pics & poll...going a bit crazy here. Will post later when all is quiet

Angus Sires Changing of the Guard
by torogmc81 (Posted Fri, 24 Nov 2017 08:53:30 GMT+5)
Lazy M wrote:Think it would be interesting if a list was made of total semen sales rather than registrations. Then the commercial cattle operations would be factored in instead of just the seedstock operations.
Agreed. Hoover Dam, Prophet, Rampage, and many others would have a big jump in numbers. I would think semen companies releasing anything more than their top 5 would do more harm than good. I don't think they want to give away that a bull they pushed hard in marketing didn't meet expectations. I could be completely wrong on that angle .... someone might know different?

A well armed militia.
by Craig Miller (Posted Fri, 24 Nov 2017 08:51:21 GMT+5)
True Grit Farms wrote:Bright Raven wrote:I have had many differ makes and models of guns in my lifetime. However, at this point, I want a few of the ones that are superior and have a clear use in my arsenal. I am now down to only a few. 4 handguns, 4 rifles and a sporting clays O/U. I have reached a point in life where possessions are becoming more of a burden than they are a benefit. I have stuff, I wish I could get rid of.
I can be there tomorrow to pick up anything your wanting to give away. I'm buying another evil AR, another Judge and a 40 S&W pistol for a throw a way truck gun. I have a small family militia that I'm arming.
Fence 22's were $20. a brick last night at Dick's. The Ruger 10/22 is what I have a collection of, they seem to be a pretty good weapon.

I was looking for a 40 but all the sale papers I looked at only had 9s and 380s.

by Milanicrype (Posted Fri, 24 Nov 2017 08:51:16 GMT+5)
????? ???????????? !
? ????? ????

?????? ???? ???????

Why I Love Writing
by BirdbeanfeS (Posted Fri, 24 Nov 2017 08:38:15 GMT+5)
In our present tech-savvy world the place communication is usually too easy, there's something particular concerning the uncommon events when individuals take the time, effort and care to write a letter to somebody. We firmly believe that in a wholesome scientific community, respectful disagreement is feasible and hence reject the suggestion that by declaring issues, we are discarding the work of all of those who developed the theory of inflation and enabled precise measurements of the universe,? they write. ...

Composite Bulls ?
by Caustic Burno (Posted Fri, 24 Nov 2017 07:48:24 GMT+5)
Supa Dexta wrote:What bugs me about all the mixed cattle is the inconsistency. Find something you like and you cant replicate it.

That an it causes the sale barn to split them off and sell singles all day long, takes forever sitting thru a sale.

That is the only way they are sold here at the barn.

Terminal or Maternal
by ALACOWMAN (Posted Fri, 24 Nov 2017 06:53:27 GMT+5)
When you got ""multiplied millions""" of breeders all over this country breeding them. Every one of them with different ideas,. There's gonna be problems...reason you see that calf that was raised in the back pasture, that turned out better then anything you could intentionally raise..


After a couple of licks, the baby calf got up, wobbled ever so slightly and then confidently turned its attention to nursing.
"Shoot, I messed up the vaccines." If these words have ever been uttered while processing cows and calves, it may be time for implementation of some simple chute side organization tips.
What do we know about efficiency within the beef cattle business? A lot. What do we know about understanding beef cattle efficiency? A little.
Like chuck-line riding cowboys of yesteryear, they go from ranch to ranch, carrying the news and performing a job no one else wants, let alone can do. Other than a few cowboy poets and purebred bull auctioneers, they are the only celebrities we have in the cow business.
One of the largest crowds ever participated in-person and on-line in the Town Creek Farm Sale, at the ranch near West Point, Mississippi on Saturday, October 21, 2017.
Stay friends or family with someone long enough and you see every side of each other, good bad and in between.
Winter weather if finally arriving and when it gets here for good we need to be prepared to handle and transport cattle appropriately.
All cattlemen and women are invited to attend the American Gelbvieh Association's (AGA) third annual commercial cattlemen's educational symposium titled Cattlemen's Profit Roundup.
Some ranchers hold calves over as yearlings to sell later/bigger, and some people buy light calves in the spring to put on grass and grow to a larger weight. Some put weaned calves into a confinement program--fed a growing ration until they are ready to go to a finishing facility.
It's harder today to keep calves healthy after they leave the ranch and enter a feedlot. Dr. Eugene Janzen (Assistant Dean, Clinical Practice, Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary) says there has been a lot of research in the past decades looking at pharmaceutics—vaccines and antibiotics.
Hurricane Harvey, which decimated parts of South Central Texas and the upper Gulf Coast, caused more than $200 million in crop and livestock losses, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service economists.
Did you see where Amazon, the fourth most valuable company in the world, bought Whole Foods? This has the trillion dollar grocery industry all atwitter and even has Wal Mart shakin' in its shorts. So much so that it came up with the idea of delivering the groceries you order online right to your refrigerator.
While cattle markets since the first of the year continue to amaze, apparently widespread profits across industry sectors cloud the notion of how long and far the nation's cowherd will continue to expand.
Bloat generally occurs when there's a change to higher protein feeds, such as from grass to alfalfa, according to Dr. James England (University of Idaho Caine Center).
Both nitrate/nitrite and ammonia/urea toxicity in cattle can cause multiple deaths in a herd with few clinical signs and few to no gross or microscopic lesions of animals who die. These deaths can be frustrating for farmers and veterinarians and can present a diagnostic challenge to pathologists.

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